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PLAYING TIME.  That simple two-word phrase can cause a coach to shudder as it lands upon his or her ears. It can be argued that playing time is the single most frequent conversation that parents initiate with coaches and athletic directors. Yet, it is also the greatest learning opportunity for our children and for us [...]

I’m being uncomfortably honest here. I hate to lose. I love to win. There I said it. I got it out of the way. I’m a coach not a player so there’s only so much I can do from the sidelines. I can prepare my team everyday at practice but I can’t get out there with them [...]

One of the most difficult aspects of coaching is dealing with disappointment, loss and frustration. Team tryouts and cuts, or a big loss to a historical rival can sometimes leave coaches searching for the right thing to say to the athlete, parent or team all looking for answers. What can often make these circumstances worse [...]

Creative team building is perhaps one of my most favorite aspects of creating a “team”.  At the start of each season, I love to create experiences for the young women I coach that will foster friendship, respect and kindness. Team building is paramount and I wouldn’t dream of starting a season without it. In the [...]

It always surprises me that some of the roughest, toughest coaches are among the most successful. In fact, it really burns me. As a coach, I feel like the best way to bring a team together is be kind, skilled and inspirational. But is that the approach that brings the greatest wins on the field [...]

    So often, when it comes to sports, parents live out their past athletic triumphs and disappointments from today’s sidelines while watching their own children. We project our own desires and dreams onto our kids hoping to re-live the experience or get a do-over. But, what if we weren’t relegated to the sidelines? What if [...]

I began coaching girls’ lacrosse just three years ago. I try to remind myself that I may be hardcore, but the middle schoolers I coach often are playing for fun. Lacrosse may not even be their first love. I had to examine and find a reason for my “lacrosse is life” attitude. I began asking [...]